Part of the New Challenge

######Today: All-nighter, early morning blog-building, hurried packing, 7 hour car ride, 1 hour border wait, epic playlist in car, subway adventures, Subway (the food) adventures, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

##Person Today’s new person was Rakesh, a graduate student and Hackathon Hacker. He helped me to find a place to stay and made sure I got food, then we went on an adventure across the Brooklyn Bridge. We had a great discussion about differences in education between India and North America, and the idea of gap years.

##Food/Drink I didn’t eat much today, but I did try something new - a Milky Way Bar. My review? It’s basically the same thing as a Mars Bar. Why do they both exist?

##Music Thanks to Spotify for powering my new music discovery today. This new Modest Mouse track comes from the playlist New Music Friday.

Lampshades On Fire

##Reading On my long subway ride from Manhattan to Brooklyn, I read the history chapter of the Letters section of the book Thinking with Type, which was given to me as a Hackathon Hackers Secret Santa gift. I don’t think I can express how much I like fonts and how fascinated I was looking through the history of typefaces.

##Picture So, I went a little touristy with this. It was my first night in NYC - give me a break. I’m convinced that the new World Trade Center is the prettiest building in the skyline now (it’s certainly the brightest) and I’ll definitely be making a point to go see it up close next week.

##Writing I wrote an artsy blog post today about feeling grown up this morning. Be sure to give it a look here.

##Code Today, I set up this blog (using Jekyll) and implemented Google Analytics, AddThis social sharing, and Disqus commenting. Sure, not the most unique work I’ve done, but it was 5am and I did manage to get them all working together. You can find the code for this blog in its github repository.

######Tomorrow: Manhattan, jazz, meetup, Hackathon Hackers